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2016-17 school year calendar

                                        PIZZA FUNDRAISER

The elementary class is doing a pizza fundraiser for the entire school, this has been our biggest fundraiser since we started it in 2001.  Last year we raised $1,700.00 and we used these funds to buy some new materials for the classroom.  The upper elementary students run the fundraiser and all of them over the years have done an awesome job.

They offer 1 slice of cheese pizza from LJ’s Pizza and fruit for $3.50, 2 slices for $4.50 and 3 slices for $5.50, siblings get $1.00 off on their order. Please print out the form below.


1 day pizza form

 Made Garden Project February and March 2014

photo 4 (4) Jonah         Sean 3-7-2014 Sean  Yurem at Made Garden 3-7-204  Yurem  Daphne and her little sister Daphne

GEM Montessori celebrates Earth Week with a new friend


Introducing ‘Orangey’! The latest addition to GEM Montessori’s ecosystem. GEM received a grant
from the Whole Kids’ Founda   tion to redo their garden! It’s a little hot for anything new to thrive, so they will makeover their garden with us in September. We brought ‘Orangey’ to help them celebrate Earth Week!

After a lengthy chat that (I’m not kidding) included Mendel’s Theory of Genetics, ecosystems, and the function of pollinators – we were ready to dig! We brought shovels, but it almost wasn’t necessary! These kids wanted to HELP!

We learned that getting your hands dirty can be one of the best ways to help the Earth! They were pretty excited to do exactly that…

Together, we dug out a hole, filled it with Whole Foods’ compost and then we put ‘Orangey’ (after we had a committee meeting on what to name her) in her new home. Finally, we gave her a big drink!

After much hand washing, we celebrated ‘Orangey’s’ birthday with some cake from our fantastic Bakery! They’ll enjoy kale and strawberry salad, quinoa/mandarin orange salad and Carson Chandler’s pasta salads tomorrow!

Everyone was very excited to get a bag filled with garden coloring sheets, oranges, bananas and Whole Foods’ stickers to help them enjoy Earth Week just a little more…

Very special thanks to Bakery, Produce and Prepared Foods teams who made the day really delicious and very memorable. And to the amazing staff at GEM whose infectious enthusiasm spread through little hands (with great big minds) today! If they can do this well with one tree,

I can’t wait to see what they do with an entire garden!

Happy Earth Week – from Chandler Whole Foods!

 image010         10277710_655086487897860_189939608473598485_n   

Clowie and Navon                                      Everybody is digging a big hole.